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TOXIC food

Here you have a list of foods that you should not give your pet. Sometimes we think that if we can eat them too, but not so. Animals have different metabolisms our so these foods can become toxic if consumed frequently or in a minimum amount, causing allergies, digestive discomfort, serious illness or even death.

This is the list of 12 foods you should not give your dog EVER. Although you and ask you like, they are toxic:


Although there like nothing has happened and never your dog, remember that contains a toxin, theobromine. Excessive consumption in these animals may cause an acceleration of her heartbeat, nervousness, vomiting, diarrhea and even death.

Coffee, tea and cocoa

Caffeine and theine affect to the nervous system of animals and hearts. Like chocolate, can cause vomiting, diarrhea and the rest of these symptoms.

Grapes and raisins uvas

Especially remember on New Year, you grapes and feed them … !. They contain a toxin that can cause severe liver damage and the kidney.

Macadamia Nuts nueces de macadamia

Attack the nervous system, causing weakness and stiffness in the legs. Also affect muscles, due to an unknown toxin in these nuts.

Mushrooms and fungi

Can contain toxins that affect the nervous system causin diarrhea, vomiting, and in severe cases, shock states. You should be very  careful with wild mushrooms that grow in the field.

Advocado aguacate

This type of fruit is a toxin that can damage the heart and lungs of the dog. Also for its fat content can cause digestive disorders.

Onions and garlic or onions derivatives calcots

These foods are extremely toxic for dogs. Can cause anemia and kidney failure.

Potatoes and tomatoes

No food or fried or cooked or raw. They contain oxalates that alter the digestive system and urinary tract of the animal.

Raw eggs

They contain an enzyme that reduces the absorption of biotin. But may occur from time to time, as there is also the risk of salmonellosis. If there is doubt, better to do without them.

Raw fish

In large amounts may cause thiamine deficiency, and as a result cause a loss of appetite and seizures.


Dogs are lactose intolerant like people because they do not have the enzyme needed to process the milk. As a result can cause serious stomach problems.

If you have a puppy or a kitten, you have to give an especific milk, they can not drink cow’s milk !!

Alcohol cerveza_botellin_-z

Whith it you cannot make jokes. It is extremely toxic to them, and in high doses, can even get a coma.

Other foods that cause problems: Too much yeast, bone, gum …